Taki Katei audio guide

Use this as your personal guide to some of our collection highlights. Click on the audio symbol Audio icon to hear the audio description, or click on the information symbol Information icon to read the description.


Bush Peonies by Katei Taki

Tiger and Bamboo by Kazunori Ishibashi

Eagle and Monkey by Kazunori Ishibashi

Cranes in a Bamboo Grove by Katei Taki

Goose and Reeds by Katei Taki

Mountains; Flowers; Hibiscus; Cranes by Kazunori Ishibashi

Pavilions in the Mountain of the Immortals by Katei Taki

Success and Renown All the Way by Kazunori Ishibashi

Autumn Scene by Kazunori Ishibashi

Eagle on a rock above a stream by Kazunori Ishibashi

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