Stool from the blue bedroom at Hous'hill

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In 1904 Mackintosh's patron, Miss Cranston, asked him to remodel the inside of her home, Hous'hill in Nitshill on the south side of Glasgow. In some rooms of the house, Mackintosh set her existing furniture into a new decorative scheme. In the bedrooms though, he had a free hand to create a completely new interior. This dressing table stool was in the blue bedroom, which Mackintosh redeveloped entirely.

Mackintosh's square-shaped oak stool is a perfect example of how from 1903 onwards, he made imaginative use of the square in his free-standing furniture designs. You can see how the lower frame of the stool is a perfect cube, drawn by the rails and the legs. And notice the way he has arranged the square into a grid, to form the low back of the chair.

Mackintosh's square-shaped dark furniture acted as a strong contrast to his pale interior design schemes. It formed a link with the squares and grids appearing in the wall decoration of the rooms. The furniture was an essential part of the whole in Mackintosh's interior designs. These were 'total works of art'.
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