Striped cotton day dress

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This charming, summer day dress was fashionable when Emily Tinne wore it at the beginning of her married life, in about 1910. The feminine look of the dress,made in a fine, cotton fabric with pale, pastel green stripes and lace details, was a popular style before the outbreak of the First World War in 1914.

The dress shows how women's fashions were starting to change from the very restrictive garments worn in nineteenth-century Britain. A corset was still essential for all women, but it was a slightly less restricting shape. In May 1908, Vogue magazine had reported,

'The fashionable figure is growing straighter and straighter, less bust, less hips, more waist'

The full sleeves, pleated bodice and slim skirt of the dress would all have given Emily greater freedom of movement. She bought some of her clothes in department stores. Others like this one, were hand-made by her dressmaker.
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